Benefits of Solar Panels

Eliminate your power bill while helping the planet!

Making the move to going solar has become an easier decision lately. The technology is improving rapidly and we are offering a crypto mining option to improve your ROI.

Past problems of costs or supporting all energy needs have been solved, and its only getting better.

Solar power is now the fastest growing source of global energy. With an increase in demand, the cost of solar has significantly declined over the years, making solar power a more accessible and cheaper source of energy for homeowners and businesses alike.

Today, switching to solar is not only easy and cost effective, it’s smart. The rise in price of conventional utilities and the instability of the electrical grid have created energy uncertainty for many homeowners, not to mention the environment.

By switching to solar, you can be confident that your energy needs will be met, your wallet will stay intact, and you are doing your part for the planet.


Peak Power (Pmpp) :
300 – 450 W
Up to 21%
Cell Dims:
Max. System Voltage:
600 VDC (UL) / 1000 VDC (IEC)
Depth incl. jbox:
1.38 in.
37.48 lbs.
Nominal Voltage:
20 V
Max Series Fuse:
20 A

Our Universal Voltage division offers a simple add-on crypto currency mining option to improve ROI.

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